Thursday, June 21, 2012

Into the Wild

I've been holding off on announcing this thinking I must be dreaming or there must be some clerical error. But after booking my flight and talking more with the rangers I think it's safe to say this is actually happening. I'm excited and honored to announce I am selected to participate in the Voices of the Wilderness artist residency program in Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness, Alaska. I'll be spending two weeks in July with rangers helping to perform Forest Service duties while learning about stewardship, conservation and the importance of wilderness to our national character. And as an added bonus I have the privilege of painting some of the most beautiful pristine wilderness on this planet. I feel very fortunate and honored to serve the U.S. Forest Service as an artist. It's humbling to be able to use my skills as an artist to add to the dialogue of past artists and naturalists who fought long and hard to preserve our nation's wilderness for future generations. I'm currently working on a facebook page that will document my journey into the wilds of Alaska. I will post the link when it is live. Here is a link about the program.